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A Comprehensive Compassionate Law Practice

It is no exaggeration to say that attorney Kent Balduchi truly cares about his clients. As a former first responder, he has made it his lifelong mission to bring vital assistance to people facing challenges that demand timely solutions.

He prides himself in his effectiveness in applying hard work and knowledge of the law to make a lasting difference for people with serious legal matters to resolve. At Balduchi Law Office, PC, he brings his unique combination of skills and insight to clients from Ankeny, Des Moines and throughout Iowa.

Thorough, Aggressive Criminal Law Defense

Learn how criminal law attorney Balduchi can help protect your constitutional rights, keep you fully informed and leave no stone unturned in pursuit of an effective defense in such areas as:

  • Assault and battery: A strong defense in the face of assault and battery charges often boils down to an examination of motives. Were you attempting to defend yourself, caught in a tug of war or understandably provoked before an incident that resulted in your arrest for charges of assault and battery?

  • Domestic abuse: Even if your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend recants and asks to have such abuse charges dropped, once you have been arrested, you must defend yourself before the court. Take action right away for the best chances at a satisfactory outcome. Protect your good name and prevent the negative consequences of a criminal record by contacting an attorney as soon as possible.

  • Second and third offense DUI/OWI: A repeat drunk driving conviction can put your life in a downward spiral that will be difficult to halt. You need an effective advocate by your side to search for and find the key to an effective defense. Was the first DUI conviction questionable? Is there reason to doubt that police had reasonable cause to pull you over in traffic? Are the breath test or sobriety test results credible?

  • Drug possession: What if the “drugs” you were caught with were actually synthetic or simulated drugs? Consult with an experienced drug crime defense attorney to learn how to pursue the best outcome achievable in your drug crime case.

Criminal lawyer Balduchi can get to the bottom of your criminal charges and recommend a promising defense strategy.

A Compassionate Family Law Attorney

Protection of your parent-child relationships and material belongings are top priorities in family law matters such as:

For advice on modifications to a child custody order because of a move or job situation, contact Balduchi Law Office, PC.

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Attorney Balduchi can advise and represent you after an Ankeny or Des Moines rear-end collision or any serious auto accident or motorcycle crash. He handles wrongful death cases, too.

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