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What Are Your Visitation Rights?

Some people consider the term “child visitation” to be outdated and misleading. They say that a child should be considered to be at home with a parent who is caring for him or her – even when that means a child has more than one home. The more up-to-date term of “parenting time” may describe more accurately current notions of what happens – or should be happening – when a child is with either parent.

Kent Balduchi, of Balduchi Law Office, PC, is a compassionate, client-centered family law attorney. He seeks to be a source of comfort and reassurance as well as practical help in sensitive areas such as child visitation. He is an experienced legal advocate for clients from Des Moines, Ankeny, and across Iowa.

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Protecting Your Parenting Time

Whatever words are used to describe ways in which divorced or separated parents share time with a child, it is important to recognize the child’s right to retain close ties with both parents. A child custody order, whether it is part of a divorce or issued to unmarried parents, should specify when a child will be in the custody or care of each parent.

Some families of divorce have greater success when child custody and visitation occur on a predictable schedule. Other divorced parents are able to cooperate well enough to keep the arrangement flexible and fluid as needed. A court order cannot solve underlying emotional conflicts, but it can provide a useful structure aimed at preserving a child’s best interests in terms of time with each parent.

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