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Des Moines Personal Injury, Family And Criminal Law Attorney

At Balduchi Law Office, PC, in Des Moines, Iowa, we tailor our approach to each practice area and each client’s unique concerns and circumstances.

  • In the area of criminal law, we act as aggressive advocates on behalf of the accused. We aim to protect the presumption of “innocent until proven guilty.” We also work with members of the Concel To Carry Association.
  • In the area of family law, we employ an understanding, empathetic tone as we seek for effective solutions to legal matters such as property division and child custody.
  • In personal injury law, we take seriously our role as zealous representatives of the injured. We leave no stone unturned as we earnestly pursue maximum available compensation for people who have suffered serious or catastrophic injuries. We experience genuine feelings of compassion for our injured clients even as we work diligently to unlock the key to attainment of an acceptable settlement or verdict for each one.

Des Moines Family Lawyer, Criminal Lawyer, Personal Injury Lawyer With Real-World Experience

Attorney Kent Balduchi brings real-world experience to the practice of law, enhancing the law firm’s strengths and capabilities. His background as a former firefighter and paramedic for the city of Des Moines means that he is familiar with medical documentation and incident reports. He has been on accident scenes and crime scenes. He has personally treated people suffering from trauma caused by motor vehicle accidents, fall injuries, domestic abuse and other varieties of criminal assault. He is well-familiar with mechanisms of injury and discrepancies that sometimes come to light at the scene of a traumatic incident.

Uncommon Insights Bring About Tangible Results For Clients Of Balduchi Law Office, PC

As an attorney, Mr. Balduchi puts his uncommon degree of practical experience to use as he analyzes police reports and evidence available at an accident site or a crime scene. He recognizes false statements, errors and inconsistencies. This keen awareness of the nuts and bolts of an incident often provides critical insights leading to successful outcomes for clients of Balduchi Law Office, PC.

A Personalized Approach To The Practice Of Law In The Des Moines Area And Beyond

Clients appreciate the personalized approach that is characteristic of Balduchi Law Office, PC, regardless of the legal issue at hand. Some larger law firms sometimes appear to focus on quantity over quality. In contrast, Balduchi Law Office, PC, emphasizes trusting attorney-client relationships. We deliver individualized attention in a smaller law firm atmosphere where clients, attorneys and staff address one another by name. We are not in the business of rushing “cases” and “files” through in an assembly-line fashion. We take the time to answer clients’ questions and address their concerns.

To schedule a consultation with Kent Balduchi, call 515-954-3586 or toll free at 800-405-7921, or email the law firm through this website.