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Domestic Abuse Attorneys in Des Moines, Iowa

Protect Your Rights in Domestic Violence Cases

Allegations of domestic abuse are common between spouses, domestic partners, and dating couples engaged in conflict. Attorney Kent Balduchi has a long history of helping people cope with traumatic situations. As a former firefighter and paramedic, Mr. Balduchi learned to assess high-tension situations and focus on resolutions most likely to bring emergencies under control and on the way to closure.

A criminal arrest on charges of domestic assault is a personal and legal emergency of sorts. If you ignore the situation and hope things will get better on their own, the situation may go from bad to worse. Examples include:

  • You may lose access to your home and your children. Child custody orders could be affected.

  • You may end up with a criminal record and be unable to own firearms.

  • Your employment prospects may be curtailed by the existence of a domestic abuse conviction and a lasting criminal record.

By contacting a defense lawyer with ample experience handling domestic violence cases, you are taking the first step toward taking back the reins of your life.

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Recognize the Importance of Advocacy

Even if the accuser has recanted and is asking the prosecution to drop the charges, it is too late for that once the state has gotten involved in your private life. You must now prepare to defend yourself before a prosecutor, judge, or jury. Mr. Balduchi is a valuable advocate. Call or email Balduchi Law Office, PC, to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

A thorough evaluation of the facts and circumstances can reveal points of weakness in a prosecutor’s case against you if you have been charged with domestic assault. While reasonable people acknowledge that violence has no place in domestic relationships, it is also important to recognize that many accusations are exaggerated. Even a small red mark on the skin can be the basis for a domestic violence arrest.

As an experienced paramedic, Mr. Balduchi can confidently detect falsified “injuries” that an accuser claims to have suffered in an alleged domestic violence incident. An investigation can provide the evidence needed to defend you vigorously. If all goes well, you may escape the negative consequences of a criminal record altogether.

After an Arrest, Kent Balduchi Can Defend You

Discuss your domestic abuse case with an experienced and dedicated defense attorney. Mr. Balduchi represents people from Des Moines, Ankeny, and throughout Iowa.

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