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Assault and Battery Attorneys in Des Moines, Iowa

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If you have been charged with a crime of assault or battery, a key question in your defense is to ask and determine why and how the alleged incident happened. You want an attorney you can count on to carefully review all circumstances, evidence, and allegations associated with your criminal matter.

When representing people from Ankeny, Des Moines, or anywhere in Iowa charged with violent crimes, attorney Kent Balduchi keeps an open mind. Appearances can most certainly be deceiving when it comes to accusations of assault and battery.

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How to Build a Defense Against Assault and Battery

Understanding what happened and why is fundamental to preparing compelling arguments in your defense. Finding and reviewing any available evidence will be one important component of your defense lawyer’s job as Mr. Balduchi prepares a compelling case in your defense. Interviewing eyewitnesses, reviewing police reports, and digging into possible motives of people involved in an altercation will also be critical. This allows him to raise important questions about your charges such as:

  • Were you provoked by extraordinary actions or threats from another person?

  • Is videotaped evidence available?

  • Did you act in self-defense?

  • Were you caught between warring factions in a brawl?

  • Did your accuser have a secondary motive that makes his or her testimony doubtful?

  • Were allegations of inflicted harm exaggerated?

Mr. Balduchi emphasizes trust in attorney-client relationships. He offers individualized attention in a smaller law firm atmosphere where clients, attorneys, and staff address one another by name. You can count on respect and determined advocacy when he represents you in an assault or battery case.

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