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Rear-End Collision Accidents Attorneys in Des Moines, Iowa

The Medical and Legal Challenges of Rear-End Collisions

Medically speaking, the injuries that drivers and passengers often suffer in rear-end collisions constitute a medical specialty all of their own. A person’s head is often thrown back violently in the moment of the collision, leading to back, neck, spine, and head injuries. Add to that the complicated legal mechanics of fault, and you have a complex problem that requires a skilled, devoted attorney.

As a former firefighter and paramedic, attorney Kent Balduchi of Balduchi Law Office, PC, has an in-depth understanding of injuries typical to rear-end collisions. He is up-to-date and well-versed in statutory law and case law that may affect a client’s rear-end collision case.

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An Attorney Who Understands the Complexity of Rear-End Collisions

Mr. Balduchi has had years of training and practical experience involving back, neck, and spinal cord injuries typical of collisions between cars, trucks, or motorcycles in circumstances such as at stop signs. He knows that such injuries do not always show up in X-ray images, and they may not be very painful at the time of the accident.

Very often, however, a few days later, the real pain begins, and an accident victim may be unable to work or enjoy life for a very long time. Lawyer Balduchi is well-qualified to describe the nature of your injury after a rear-end collision in settlement negotiations or a courtroom.

Legally speaking, police and others seeking to determine who was at fault usually assume that the driver of the car behind you was the wrongdoer. Of course, the assumption of negligence on the part of the driver behind is not always a neat and tidy issue. Liability issues are more complex in such multiple-car crash cases.

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Ultimately, Mr. Balduchi aims to help people from Ankeny, Des Moines, and throughout Iowa recover full, fair compensation to cover medical expenses, replace lost wages and acknowledge the pain and suffering.

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Attorney Balduchi also represents families in wrongful death claims resulting from rear-end collision fatalities.