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Every person, despite their wealth or possessions, can benefit from crafting a thorough estate plan. It helps people secure their assets for their heirs and create a plan to guide their families when they no longer can do so themselves.

Attorney Kent Balduchi works with people in Ankeny, Des Moines, and throughout Iowa ready to start their estate plans. He educates clients on their options, how probate works, and what makes sense for their situations.

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When Is the Right Time to Craft an Estate Plan?

If you have not crafted an estate plan yet, you might think it is too late or the time is not quite right. You might think you should wait for a critical moment, such as:

  • A marriage

  • The birth of a child

  • Starting a business

  • A home purchase

While those are all important moments, the right time to contact an estate planning attorney is this: when you’re ready.

Building an estate plan touches on one of the most sensitive topics a person can face. Taking the step to crafting a comprehensive plan that lays out what you want to happen is an act of compassion for the people you leave behind.

What to Do About Probate

There is not that much that an individual can “do” about probate. There are scenarios in which smaller estates may bypass probate altogether. Larger estates all go through the probate process. However, probate can be faster and less expensive with an estate plan in place.

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Attorney Balduchi’s experience in court can help him guide you through the probate process no matter how difficult it gets. Reach out by calling Balduchi Law Office, PC, or schedule a consultation through this online form.