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Des Moines Rear-End Collision Attorney

Evaluation of rear-end collisions presents both medical and legal challenges. As a former firefighter and paramedic with the city of Des Moines, attorney Kent Balduchi of Balduchi Law Office, PC, has an in-depth understanding of injuries typical to rear-end collisions. He is up-to-date and well-versed in statutory law and case law that may affect a client’s rear-end collision case.

Medically speaking, the injuries that drivers and passengers often suffer in rear-enders constitute a medical specialty all of their own. A person’s head is often thrown back violently in the moment of the collision. Doctors should have specialized knowledge of the types of back, neck, spine and head injuries that typically result from rear-end accidents.

Des Moines Rear-End Collision Lawyer

A personal injury attorney who handles rear-end collision cases should also be very familiar with the injuries that result. Mr. Balduchi has had years of training and practical experience involving back, neck and spinal cord injuries typical of collisions between cars, trucks or motorcycles in circumstances such as at stop signs. He knows that such injuries do not always show up in X-ray images, and they may not be very painful at the time of the accident. Very often, however, a few days later, the real pain begins, and an accident victim may be unable to work or enjoy life for a very long time. He is well-qualified to describe the nature of your injury after a rear-end collision in settlement negotiations or in a courtroom.

Legally speaking, police and others who seek to determine who was at fault usually assume that the driver of the car behind was the wrongdoer. Even if the vehicle in front stopped abruptly, investigators very often determine that the car behind was not keeping a safe enough following distance, or was not keeping a proper lookout. Sometimes an investigation uncovers evidence that the driver in the rear was texting or otherwise distracted.

Of course, assumption of negligence on the part of the driver behind is not always a neat and tidy issue. For example, in a multiple-car series of rear-end collisions, drivers of cars in the middle may have no chance at all to escape. Liability issues are more complex in such multiple-car crash cases.

Was Your Car Rear-Ended In A Two-Car Crash Or Multiple-Car Crash In Ankeny Or Des Moines? Back Injury? Contact An Iowa Personal Injury Attorney

Balduchi Law Office, PC, emphasizes personalized legal counsel and representation for people injured in crashes such as rear-end collisions. We are ready to answer your questions and address your concerns if you were injured when your car was rear-ended.

Ultimately, we aim to help people injured in rear-end accidents recover full, fair compensation to cover medical expenses, replace lost wages and acknowledge the pain and suffering. Call 515-954-3586 or toll free at 800-405-7921, or email the law firm through this website to schedule a consultation. Balduchi Law Office, PC, also represents families in wrongful death claims resulting from rear-end collision fatalities.