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Des Moines Motorcycle Accident Attorney

One of the most important things a motorcycle accident lawyer needs to do in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident is to remind all decision-makers that bikers have the same rights that drivers of cars and trucks do on our streets and highways. Balduchi Law Office, PC, takes great pains to ensure that investigators, insurance claims adjusters, judges and juries acknowledge the rights of injured motorcyclists.

Kent Balduchi Is Qualified To Explain Your Injuries To A Claims Adjuster, Judge Or Jury

In addition to addressing any potential or obvious unfair prejudices toward motorcycle riders, a personal injury attorney will need to have a firm grasp on the nature of a client’s injuries. As a former firefighter and paramedic with the city of Des Moines, motorcycle accident lawyer Kent Balduchi is quite aware of the challenges that people injured in motorcycle crashes face, both short term and long term. He is prepared to put this knowledge to use on your behalf as he fights for your rights. If he is your lawyer, you can expect a zealous fight for your right to full and fair compensation from all available sources, including any negligent motorist who may have caused the accident.

Whether you call our law offices immediately after a motorcycle accident or have arrived at this Web page sometime afterward, Balduchi Law Office, PC, is here to help. This Iowa personal injury law firm can help you tap into compensation you are entitled to.

A Personal Injury Attorney Who Rides Motorcycles And Understands Complex Issues Involved In An Iowa Biking Accident Case

Attorney Kent Balduchi is a member of the motorcycle advocacy group ABATE. He is prepared to take timely actions aimed at helping you recover both physically and financially with the support that you need to move forward. They offer ample compassion and knowledge of all types of injuries as well as up-to-date legal knowledge.

For example, they know that back or neck injuries often do not reveal themselves in full force until a few days or longer after an accident. At the same time, they know how to navigate challenges such as subrogation maneuvers by insurance companies seeking to limit the benefits that they pay out.

After A Des Moines Or Ankeny Motorcycle Crash, Get The Legal Advice That You Need, Right Away

From law offices in Des Moines, motorcycle injury lawyer Kent Balduchi is available to evaluate your motorcycle accident case and represent you as you seek compensation. Call 515-954-3586 or toll free at 800-405-7921, or email the law firm through this website to schedule a consultation. Balduchi Law Office, PC, also represents surviving family members in wrongful death claims.