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Des Moines Personal Injury Attorney

Attorney Kent Balduchi applies extensive background knowledge gained as a former firefighter and paramedic to the benefit of personal injury clients of Balduchi Law Office, PC. From the time of an initial consultation through the conclusion of a personal injury claim or lawsuit, injured people and their families sense the value of his real-world experience. He is conversant in all aspects of accidents, injuries and medical treatment, as well as up-to-date in the legal realm of a personal injury matter.

Seriously Injured In A West Des Moines Accident? Injury Lawyer Kent Balduchi Applies Medical Knowledge To Personal Injury Law Practice

As clients tell stories of injuries they have suffered in car accidents, in fall accidents or in violent situations, Mr. Balduchi not only empathizes, he also puts his medical knowledge to use. With a deep understanding of the dynamics of injury and recovery, he zealously pursues settlements or verdicts appropriate to each person’s losses. Mr. Balduchi’s paramedic experience made him well aware, for example, that shock at the time of an accident can mask the full extent of resulting injuries. A back injury or neck injury does not often manifest its full impact until hours or days after an accident such as:

Effective Communication With Medical Personnel Helps Build Strong Personal Injury Cases

In addition to understanding the physical aspects of injuries, Mr. Balduchi is skilled in the important art of communicating effectively with medical personnel. He maintains productive working relationships with medical professionals. Doctors, therapists and other medical specialists often serve as expert witnesses in personal injury cases or act as treating physicians. Attorneys of Balduchi Law Office, PC, speak their language, efficiently gathering evidence needed to build strong cases for maximum available compensation. They are well equipped to communicate effectively before judges, juries, mediators or arbitrators on behalf of people injured in traffic accidents, workplace accidents and other traumatic incidents.

After A Serious Personal Injury, Compensation Is An Essential Aspect Of Recovery

Iowa clients appreciate the personalized approach that is characteristic of Balduchi Law Office, PC, regardless of the legal issue at hand. Some larger law firms sometimes appear to focus on quantity over quality. In contrast, Balduchi Law Office, PC, emphasizes trusting attorney-client relationships. We deliver individualized attention in a smaller law firm atmosphere where clients, attorneys and staff address one another by name. We are not in the business of rushing “cases” and “files” through in an assembly-line fashion. We take the time to answer clients’ questions and address their concerns.

Ultimately, we aim to help the injured recover full and fair compensation to cover medical expenses, replace lost wages, and acknowledge pain and suffering. Discuss your accident, your injury and your losses with personal injury lawyer Kent Balduchi. Call 515-954-3586 or toll free at 800-405-7921, or email the law firm through this website to schedule a consultation. Balduchi Law Office, PC, also represents families in wrongful death claims.