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There Is No Perfect Divorce

As you negotiate a divorce agreement with your spouse, keep in mind that a marital settlement cannot be perfect. Rather, your divorce agreement should be appropriate, given your and your spouse’s assets, income, expenses and child custody concerns.

At Balduchi Law Office, PC, although attorney Kent Balduchi makes his living through legal fees, he seeks to limit expenses for his clients wherever possible. If his clients cut their costs by doing some of the work themselves, he lets them know that that’s an option. In these and other ways, he continually advises his clients on ways to contain costs of a divorce.

Keys To A Less Disruptive Divorce

Mr. Balduchi typically encourages clients and their soon-to-be ex-spouses to cooperate and compromise in any ways that they can for the sake of preserving assets. He discourages them from wasting legal fees chasing after outcomes that are unlikely to succeed – or are not worth the price. In his experience, he has found that it is important to keep in mind a few pieces of advice:

  • Your children’s best interests are paramount: If there are children involved, you will naturally be focused on their best interests.
  • Spousal support may be a necessity: It is unrealistic to expect that two households can be as well off or better off than the one household built from shared resources has been.
  • Property division can be painful: You can expect property division discussions to involve items and issues that are extremely sensitive and difficult.

An experienced and empathetic lawyer can help you make decisions along the way that are most likely to lead to a reasonable outcome.

 Experienced, Empathetic And Ethical

Mr. Balduchi’s clients, hardworking people from Ankeny, Des Moines and the rest of Iowa, appreciate the personalized approach of his family law services. He gives his clients individualized attention in a smaller law firm atmosphere. Clients, attorney and staff know one another by name. He takes the time to answer clients’ questions and address their concerns.

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