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Balduchi Law Office, PC Jan. 27, 2022

Thinking About Divorce After the Holidays? You Are Not Alone

Many Iowa residents and those elsewhere often see the ringing in of a new year as the time to make a fresh start. For some, that could include trying to exercise more or implement healthier eating habits. For you, it may feel like time to end your unhappy marriage.

If you do feel this way, you certainly are not alone. Many consider January “divorce month” because the number of petitions filed increases drastically during this time of the year. Often, individuals may have had divorce on their mind for some time, but because they do not want to spoil the holiday festivities or because they want one last holiday season as a family for their kids’ sake, waiting until after the holidays commonly occurs.

Holiday Stress is a Big Factor

In contrast to wanting to wait until after the holidays for positive reasons, the decision to get a divorce may solidify for you and others as a result of the holiday season. After all, celebrations typically come with a lot of family stress and a lot of travel, and these scenarios could intensify already existing tensions in a relationship. As a result, the difficult season may have been the last straw for you to decide you needed something different, especially during the next holiday season.

Tax Implications

Additionally, getting a divorce comes with various changes, especially relating to finances. If you and your spouse have filed your taxes jointly in the past, you may not want to have to go through that process together again before your divorce. As a result, the tax implications of filing separately may have appeal. Of course, it will be necessary for the future to determine which parent will list the children as dependents, if applicable.

Making Changes for A Better Future

While divorce certainly is one of the more significant changes you or others may make this new year, it could set you on a path for future positivity and happiness. No matter when you decide to move forward with ending your marriage, it is always wise to gain reliable information about your legal options and how you could best get through the process. It can certainly seem stressful at times, but often, individuals find it worthwhile as they make changes to a happier and more satisfying life.


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