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Balduchi Law Office, PC April 20, 2023

Should I Still Hire an Attorney if I Think I’m Guilty?

Breaking the law or committing a crime in Iowa could result in an arrest or criminal charge. Unfortunately, the consequences of a criminal charge or conviction are often far-reaching and would affect every aspect of your life. Regardless of the evidence against you or if you think you may be guilty of the charges, hiring an aggressive criminal defense attorney is vital to help fight for your legal rights and ensure that you do not end up in the worst possible situation. 

Balduchi Law Office, PC, provides comprehensive guidance and skilled representation to clients in their criminal cases. Attorney Kent Balduchi and his legal team can review every detail of your case and develop key strategies to fight your charges. In addition, they will fight vigorously for your rights and improve your chances of a brighter tomorrow. The firm proudly serves clients across Des Moines, Polk County, and surrounding counties throughout Iowa. 

Possible Consequences of a Guilty Plea

When facing criminal charges, submitting a guilty plea means that you're admitting you committed the crime. In return, you will be expecting some consideration or leniency from the state. However, pleading guilty automatically deprives you of your right to a jury trial. Thus, the Iowa criminal justice system will determine your fate going forward. Some consequences of a guilty plea are listed below: 

  • Substantial fines. 

  • Imprisonment in county jail or state prison. 

  • Community service. 

  • Probation. 

  • Employment consequences. 

  • Suspension or loss of a driver's license. 

  • Deportation or inadmissibility into the United States. 

  • Inability to possess or carry a firearm. 

  • Loss of a professional license. 

  • Inability to vote during elections. 

  • Difficulties in getting housing, public benefits, and educational opportunities. 

  • Loss of parental rights, child custody, or visitation of minor children. 

  • Deterioration to personal, professional, and familial relationships. 

However, upon pleading not guilty, your case will have to proceed to trial. During the court trial, the prosecutor has the burden of proof. The prosecution attorney must establish the accusations against you beyond a reasonable doubt before the judge can find you guilty. Hence, consulting with a strategic criminal defense attorney is paramount for clear legal guidance before accepting or entering a guilty plea. 

Reasons to Hire an Attorney Even if You Think You Are Guilty

If you're facing criminal charges in Iowa, here are some reasons to retain a defense attorney even if you believe you're guilty: 

Understand Your Charges: A defense lawyer can help you understand the nature of your charges, the potential penalties, and consequences, and determine your best defenses. 

Challenge Prosecutor's Evidence: Also, your defense lawyer can assess and challenge the evidence against you, find weaknesses in the prosecutor's case, and dispute the charges with overwhelming evidence and facts. 

Negotiate a Plea Agreement: Depending on your unique situation, your defense counsel can help negotiate a favorable plea agreement with the prosecutor or help you achieve the most favorable outcome for your case. 

Explore Sentencing Alternatives: A lawyer can explore your options for alternative sentencing, including diversion programs, house arrest, community service, or probation. With this, you can serve your punishment and become reformed without getting locked behind bars. 

Make Sure Punishment Fits the Crime: In addition, the defense counsel can ensure you only receive the appropriate penalties and nothing excessive. Alternatively, your lawyer can help negotiate a reduced charge or lighter sentence. 

Retaining a highly-skilled defense attorney is crucial to help fight your charges and ensure that proper procedures are followed. In addition, you should communicate better with your lawyer to achieve the best available results in your case. 

Communicating With Your Defense Attorney 

Developing a cordial attorney-client relationship is crucial to achieving a favorable outcome for your unique circumstances. Here are some vital tips for honest and open communication with your defense counsel: 

  • Remain calm and rational in all your discussions. 

  • Give your attorney comprehensive information about the incident. 

  • Relate your personal account of the incident to your lawyer in chronological order. 

  • Do not leave out or hide even slight details from your defense counsel. 

  • Answer all your lawyer's questions honestly. 

  • Always listen to your attorney's advice, including what to do or avoid doing. 

  • Keep your attorney informed about the entire situation and any latest developments in your case. 

An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help fight your charges and help you avoid the worst-case scenario. 

Fight for Your Future With an Attorney's Support

Defending your criminal accusations or taking a guilty plea without experienced guidance and representation is never advisable. The attorneys at Balduchi Law Office, PC, have the skill and resources to defend and represent clients who are facing criminal charges. Using their extensive knowledge, they can work to understand your situation and strategize an effective defense to help you avoid the devastating consequences of a guilty plea or criminal conviction. 

Contact Balduchi Law Office, PC, today to arrange a simple case assessment with reliable criminal defense lawyers. Attorney Kent Balduchi and his skilled lawyers can help you navigate the Iowa criminal justice system and represent you intelligently at every phase of the legal proceedings. The firm proudly serves clients across Des Moines, Polk County, and surrounding counties throughout Iowa.


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