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Do I need an attorney after my slip-and-fall accident?

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2020 | Firm News |

When a person falls victim to an unattended puddle, a patch of ice or a loose hand-rail, as examples, they may experience just how devastating a slip-and-fall accident can be. These injuries often do more damage than onlookers may expect, but should a victim seek an attorney for their injury?

Falls are the leading cause of death and injury in adults aged 65 and up. The injuries that come from these accidents can have consequences that last a lifetime, even if you cannot see the surface level’s damage.

What can a lawyer do for me?

Lawyers use their knowledge of personal injury law to fight for the best possible outcome on an injury claim. There is a lot at stake in a personal injury claim and a lot that a victim needs to do to protect their future.

One of the hardest of these tasks is proving losses. For a court to determine the fair value of compensation, they need to know what the victim lost as a result of the fall. Lawyers know how to gather supporting documents and other evidence to prove losses such as:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Physical therapy costs

Recognizing the cost of these losses is not all a lawyer does. They also act on behalf of the victim throughout the claims process. Lawyers know what their clients deserve from their claim, and they are prepared to negotiate with insurance companies and other attorneys to earn that fair settlement.

No one should go through this alone

At-fault parties hope that victims do not get an attorney. They try to play down the severity of the victim’s injury to convince them not to seek compensation or accept a lowball offer. An attorney knows what a victim deserves and how to get it.