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Balduchi Law Office, PC, represents people of all walks of life from law offices on the east side of Des Moines. The law firm offers essential legal services at competitive rates, but never by cutting corners. Attorney Kent Balduchi is licensed to practice law in Iowa. He prides himself on an ethic of hard work. Time and again, advocacy of Balduchi Law Office, PC, brings about tangible results for people facing serious challenges such as drug crime arrests, family law disputes and motor vehicle accidents.

When Legal Challenges Take Over, Turn Them Over To Qualified Advocates

Mr. Balduchi understands that, for most clients, pending legal issues are dominant challenges in their lives that require decisive, effective resolutions. A DUI arrest, a pending divorce or a serious car accident can be a pivotal event in the life of an individual and a family. The outcome of a lawsuit or criminal case will have an impact for years to come. A knowledgeable attorney acting as advocate and guide can be a stabilizing force at a time when concerns and difficulties seem to be compounding day by day.

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Take The Time And Thought Necessary To Find The Right Attorney For Your Case

How will you respond to the challenge of a domestic violence arrest, a child custody dispute or the death of a loved one in a rear-end traffic accident? You may feel emotionally paralyzed in the face of a critical legal matter, yet you know that you need to take action. The fact that you have reached this website no doubt means that you are searching intentionally and thoughtfully for the right attorney for your case.

Kent Balduchi is an experienced, compassionate Des Moines area lawyer who can help you move your case forward toward a satisfactory conclusion and get on with your life. As a former firefighter and paramedic with the city of Des Moines, Mr. Balduchi has a clear grasp on the practical problems that go along with your legal challenge.

As founder and owner of Balduchi Law Office, PC, he is committed to providing clients with the individualized, focused and trustworthy advocacy that can make all the difference and lead you to refer others to the law firm in their times of need, too.

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To discover the effectiveness of a trusting, customized attorney-client partnership, schedule a consultation to talk about your criminal, family law or personal injury concerns. Discuss your arrest with Kent Balduchi. Call 515-954-3586 or toll free at 800-405-7921, or email the firm through this website to schedule a consultation.