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In past generations, it was common for children to be primarily with one parent and rarely see the other parent after a divorce. Sometimes mothers were given priority because of a “tender years” doctrine or belief that mothers were natural nurturers. Sometimes fathers were given priority when their financial resources were much greater and they could offer children greater advantages in education and lifestyle. There have always been “exceptions to the rule,” too, of course. Regardless of the details, the dilemma of placement of children after a divorce underscores the truth that every family is unique. This is true after a divorce just as it is when families are intact.

Shared Parenting Is Generally The Norm

In today’s world, more and more often, the expectation after a separation of parents is that children will spend ample time with each parent. Joint custody is typically seen as desirable, so that parent-child relationships can grow strong on both sides of the divorce divide. It may or may not be feasible in your family’s case for your child to divide time equally between two parents. It is nonetheless important to protect parenting time for both parents in most cases.

Ideally, Parents Should Cooperate In Crafting Child Custody Arrangements

When a family law court takes into account the best interests of children, a judge may or may not consider parents’ convenience factors a priority when determining child custody and visitation arrangements. An acceptable child custody order in the eyes of your family court judge may or may not sit well with you. Very often, the surest path to a satisfactory outcome is for both parents to sincerely cooperate in crafting workable child custody and visitation agreements. As hard as this may sound, it is often far superior to allowing a judge with no knowledge of a family’s inner workings to make the decisions about where children will live and when they will see their other parent.

A dedicated family law attorney can advocate effectively to protect your interests as well as your children’s interests in a situation of divorce or separation of parents. From law offices in Des Moines, child custody lawyers at Balduchi Law Office, PC, are prepared to work closely with you through the process of arriving at a feasible child custody and visitation schedule.

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